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Late Dr A P J Abdul Kalam remembered meeting our students

Aspiration of the youth: While there were many significant events during my tenure, a question from a little girl Anukriti of Sri Sathya Sai Jagriti Vidya Mandir School, of Darwa village from Haryana, during children’s visit to Rashtrapati Bhavan on May 22, 2006, rings in my mind ever after. Anukriti asked me “why India cannot become a developed nation before the year 2020”.

I appreciated the question and said it was indeed a thoughtful question and assured her that that her dream would be taken to the highest institution of the nation and we would work for it to achieve before 2020. This question reflects how the desire to live in developed India has entered into the minds of the youth. The same feelings are echoed by over fifteen lakh youth, whom I have met so far and who represent the dream of the 540 million youth of the nation. The aspirations of the young to live in a prosperous, safe and proud India should be the guiding factor in whatever profession we contribute

Latest News   
1. With the immense grace of Swami, Prof. H.J.Bhagia visited our school and Sai Sewa Sadan on16th May. He is the currently The Dean at Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Education Puttaparthy. 
2.Komal, a student of 9th class represented Haryana state in Junior Girls All India Foot ball Championship. Komal's team won the joint 3rd position in this event recently concluded at Solapur (Maharastra). Congratulations to the coach, the girl and the parents.
3. School will reopen on 1st July 2019. Please send your ward with home work in neat school uniform well in time.

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In order to make a child understand that the word 'chair' represents a piece of furniture, you have to draw the picture of a chair and write the letters underneath. When once the child has learnt to identify the kshara (the temporary form, the chair) with the Akshara (the formless eternal — word), the picture is eliminated; the word remains. The word, hence forward, represents the thing, the concrete material visible thing. If no chair existed, the word chair could not have emerged. The word God emerged to indicate an entity that was experienced. A 'nothing', 'non-existing being' needs no name. The name is evidence of the thing. The word God is evidence of the Divine Phenomenon. From the Form to the Formless, from the Formless to the Form both processes are possible and progressive. Your Personal God is an expression, a symbol, a representation of the Impersonal God. The Impersonal does personate and assume a form and attributes. This is the very Nature of the Divine.

- Divine Discourse, Aug 02, 1986.



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